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hi, i'm new! :)

Aww, this is a great idea! Distance is kind of sucky, but can be SO worth it.

And I'm extremely happy.

The guy who I have just started a relationship with lives a little over an hour away (so I hope it's ok that I joined). Him and I have been really great friends for over a year because he goes to school with my best friend. We have always had a strong connection and even call each other "clones" because he's seriously like the male version of me. Everything he does/says blows my mind because it's usually something I would come up with. We're just on the same wavelength and we have such good chemistry. Through past relationships or liking other people, we've still always had each other in mind. Two of his ex-girlfriends had a little jealousy towards me because him and I have always shared such a strong bond that nothing else compared to. Because of the distance, we haven't started a relationship until just recently.

It all started when we made plans for him to sleep over my house a few weekends ago. It was the first time I had seen him in a long time AND the first time just me and him were hanging out(there's usually other people with us). I expected that it was going to be awesome beacause we get so hyper and crazy and laugh the entire time we're together. But it turned out to be more than awesome. The whole weekend was perfect. Absolutely perfect. When he bought me chinese food, we had the same fortune in our fortune cookies. I can't even describe the way it felt to have all that built up love for him and finally just being able to be with him.

We fell for each other. Big time.

Then I stayed out where he lives all last weekend. We finally made it official and I couldn't be more excited. Sunday morning, he took me to watch the sunrise and then out to breakfast. Another amazing time.

He says if anyone can make it through a long distance relationship, he knows it can be us. I'm so crazy about him. <33

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