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Hiya! I'm new here to this community. It is so nice to find a community supportive of ldr, and to find others who are going through the same things, since it always seems that people find long distance relationships an act of desperation or flight of fancy. Anyway, Sean (the cutie on my icon,) and I have have been dating for four months, but have known eachother for several years. I met him online on a casual chat site I have frequented since I was 14. We are both now 19 and he lives and goes to college in Arkansas, while I do the same in Utah. Together that provides for a collective distance of about 1,500 miles between us. Visits are few and only come on holidays for about a week at a time. Our first/most recent visit was during my birthday in July and our next upcoming visit isn't until Thanksgiving (that is, if he can find some affordable tickets.) Last time, he rode the greyhound bus for almost 3 days to come and visit me. Not bathing or sleeping in between with a bunch of creepy hicks, (now THAT is love.) He calls me everyday, (or every chance he can get,) and sends me letters with pictures he has drawn of us (he is an EXCELLENT artist,) every week. He emails me about twice a week on top of that. However, he still cannot touch or hold me a webcam is all that is between us, and his careless, messy, pot-smoking roomates always act like assholes and get in the way of our alone time. "Dude, you've been talking to her all weekend, lets invite a bunch of people with all sorts of illegal drugs that we don't know over to wreck our stuff!" You can see my point that we are both really annoyed by them. We have a journal together on you_me_us that tells more of a story, but i will add more when I can :p
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