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I'm in Australia.. he's in the States.. get much further than 15hrs time distance and approx. 26hrs by plane away?

we met online October '03. we started talking on the phone the night we met. a completely text-book whirlwind romance, minus actually seeing each other.. within 10 days I was 'his girl', by 16 days he told me he loved me.. I guess only people that meet online will understand. or people that know when they've found their 'soul-mate'. no one I know understood at first. I come from a circle of friends and family that didn't understand how you could fall in love 'over the phone'..I had only been seperated from my husband for 2 days when we met. I guess they all thought it was rebound. we planned to meet in February this year, but the financial strain delayed it until the end of April. meeting in person was strange and beautiful. no matter how many photos, or hours you spend on a webcam, it's not the same as actually seeing that person. we've been through a lot, actually have 'broken up' twice because I couldn't stand the loneliness of our situation. but he loved me through all my misgivings. he is the most amazing man I've ever known. we are hoping he will be back (I would love to go to the States, even have my passport.. but have 2 kids, 5 and 2 and no one wants to take care of them for an extended period of time.. I'm also afraid to fly..) within a month.. we haven't seen each other since May 20. the plan is for him to move here permanently, we hope to be married early '05.
this is the hardest thing I've ever done. something I thought I never would do.
we make huge phone bills.. we talk everyday. sometimes up to 3 times a day.
he is the love of my life, my best friend. I don't wanna live without him..
<3 B
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