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Hey I'm new to this community I thought it would be great to have support from people who know how long distance relationships are hard. I've been an online relationship for a year and 2 weeks this Thursday. His name is Donte and my name is Aubrie. I am 16 and he is 20, yes I know the age thing is odd but it really isn't for the 2 of us. He came here Augest 12th of this year to visit for the weekend and it was so great. Although it sucked because he had to go back to New York(I live in Colorado). After he visited here he wanted to move here he's still planning on it but not till next Spring. Before that he's going to visit again because we both know how much we miss each other. It's so sweet and great having him because we both love each other with all our heart and soul and amazing to share that with someone. Thanks for listening I hope to have a good time in this community
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