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a poem I wrote for my love


It is your gentle touch that warms my heart,
For I have wrapped it in silk and gave it
To you my love; please don't rip it apart.
In the palm of your hands it neatly fits,
Treasure it and keep it tucked in safe, please
I trust you to have it; my heart, my soul,
For the locks I have given you the keys,
Because you complete me, you make me whole,

Your love, I will cherish it forever,
It is a never ending ray of light,
Continous and perpetual, it never
Ends; but grows in intensity and might.

If you take this gift and cherish it, dear,
When you need me I will always be here.

-written by Jacki, 7/9/04

Yes, it is completlely written by me, yours truly, so please don't copy it anywhere okay? Thanks.

I love my boy.
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