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Guys, I need help!

Ok so I love Ronnie with all my heart and soul. Thing is, I have a friend with whom I have been flirting a lot recently (I am a flirty person by nature, but perhaps have taken it a bit too far this time) and now he thinks that I am going to fool around with him. I have already told him there is no way I would sleep with him, but the problem is, I haven't told him no to everything. Its not that I want to cheat on Ronnie, that's not my intention, but everytime I am around said guy, I have this huge urge to kiss him. It's horrible, I know. And I haven't acted yet. But I am scaring myself. If I love Ronnie so much, why do I want to do this? And why can't I just tell him no to everything? I know one thing that attracts me to him is just the fact that he is so open about how much he likes me and stuff, and he keeps saying he would be willing to keep it secret from EVERYONE if I agreed to it but...ARGH I'm so confused. Please help!
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